Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows PC

In today’s digital landscape, videos reign supreme. Whether it’s creating videos for YouTube or Vimeo or crafting snappy clips for TikTok or Instagram Reels, everyone is dabbling in content creation. bagas31

Perhaps you’re eager to jump into video editing but feel overwhelmed by the vast array of editing software options available. The last thing you want to do is invest time in the wrong software.

Not to worry – we’ve done the legwork for you and have compiled a list of the best free video editing software currently on the market.

With this guide, you can start honing your editing skills without spending a dime. We’ll delve into each option’s key features, pros and cons, and recommended skill level, as well as provide guidance on selecting a video editor for your PC. Plus, we’ve answered some of the most asked questions about video editors.

How to Choose a Free Video Editing Software

You don’t want to waste time learning to edit videos on software that isn’t the right fit for you or your projects. Below are several factors that you should consider before choosing which free video editing software is most suitable for you.

Your Experience Level

The free video editing software on our list covers everyone from first-time editors to experienced professionals. If you are a beginner, make sure you edit videos with software that is beginner-friendly with plenty of templates and guided edits. If you are a more advanced user, choose a video editor for PC with more professional tools and manual controls for more precise edits.

System Requirements

Obviously you need a video editor for PC that works with your OS, but you should check the system requirements to make sure your PC has enough RAM and CPU to not only download the software but also edit video without causing lag or freezing. If you have an old PC, don’t worry – there are some free video editing software on our list with very low system requirements.

Format Support and Video Resolution

Does your free video editing software support the format your camera shoots? Will it work with your webcam, external mic, or video capture card? Also, check the max resolution your video editor for PC will support. If you spent good money on a 4K camera, you won’t want to upload a video that’s been downgraded to 780p.

Tools and Features

Free video editing software come with vastly different feature sets. Maybe you film a lot of action footage and need a video stabilizer. Maybe you are a gamer who needs green screen effects, an animator who needs visual effects tools, or an influencer who likes to edit videos with fun filters and stickers. Whatever your specific need, make sure it’s available in the free version of the video editor for PC you choose.

How We Test the Free Video Editing Software on This List

You might be wondering why you should trust our opinion to find the best free video editing software. Below we explain how we test and rank our products.

Product Testing

First, we test the products ourselves. We edit videos with the same basic editing tools on all the free video editing software so we can compare apples with apples. Then we check the key features and tools unique to the software.

Compare Versions

If the free video editing software has paid versions, we compare them to see what is included at each price point.

Publisher Reviews

We read reviews written by the best critics in the business to make sure our findings reveal an accurate picture of the product. To remove bias, we take the most common rating out of 5 from the publisher reviews to rank our products. When there are multiple products with the same ranking, we use our testing to decide the order.

User Reviews

It can be hard for seasoned editors to get into the mind of a first-time user. We scan user reviews to find out what consumers are saying about the products and the most common pros and cons.