Silent Auction vs Live Auction Andrew Bost

During your event, guests receive a welcome text to start bidding and outbid notifications throughout the auction. Mass text messages can be sent by you or your Event Manager from Murad Auctions during your event with housekeeping and auction updates. Below are some helpful tips in organizing, planning, promoting and running a silent auction at your next annual fundraiser. Online auctions are a whole different kind of event and should be organized and executed in an entirely different manner. The auction industry can be confusing with its variety of auction types, including live auctions, silent auctions, and even raffles.
In some cases the retail value of each items is shown as well, but it is not necessary. What is important is that you have a system for people to bid on each item and you specify the bid increase increments. All that this means is that you have a sheet of paper that allows 20 or so people to write their name, phone number and bid amount down.
But you can drive bids up by reaching out to big-name movie stars, singers, and more. In some countries, such as Australia, auctioning is a common method for the sale of real estate. Auctions were traditionally used as an alternative to the private sale/treaty method to sell property that, due to their unique characteristics, were difficult to determine a price for. The law does not require a vendor to disclose their reserve price prior to the auction.
During your silent auction program, have one of your organization’s well-spoken staff members or volunteers get up and make the request. Don’t let future shock keep your organization from trying out this new technology! They’re also excellent events for engaging donors, since they’re highly interactive and they give your organization ample opportunity to talk with supporters face to face. A few days later, be sure to thank all of your guests for participating and ask them to fill out a quick survey.
On the flip side, if you only have 10 rows for bidding, and the item drums up a lot of exciting bids, there will be no room on the sheet for your guests to bid. By creating clear solicitation materials, you give them a clear picture of the other organizations that have donated to your cause and the audience that will be seeing their items up for auction. The silent auction is way too much work for one person to do alone. You need a team of people who are committed to making the silent auction work.
Obviously, you need to set a minimum bid on these vendor items and explain to the bidders that only items going over this level will be sold. It’s also possible for the second- or third-place bidder to purchase the item if you are satisfied with the margin of profit. fundraiser silent auction gives you the additional copies after the payment is made. Silent auctions held at museums or not for profit art galleries may offer a great way to score a deal on an artwork, sculpture, or any other item on display that may entice you to make a bid.
To be clear, I’m not saying at all that you shouldn’t donate your services to great causes even if there is nothing in it for you besides doing a good deed. So keep this in mind when deciding and organizing your silent auction decor, display and table arrangements. Have all your bidding material and item guide brochures printed in good time before the event… I recommend you use DoJiggy Auction Software to setup your Online Auction Website.
You can also have extra silent auction bid sheets on hand so that last-minute registrations can participate. You could also set up a system that allows credit card payments. This will enable people who forgot to bring cash to participate.